Raising Miniature Horses 30 inches and Under

Won’t be long!

Hopefully the rain will stop and the mud will dry!  Looks like the mama’s are heavy in foal and won’t be long til some babies on the ground.  Just want some dryer weather for them.

Even though 2020 was such a terrible year, we did get some new bloodlines added to the herd.  Several new nice mares and a brand new black and white stallion!  Can’t wait to see what the babies will look like.  I know a lot of you are interested in the babies we should have in the next month or so.  Once they arrive, we will be offering some of our older broodmares for sale.  They are wonderful very small foundation horses that would make a great broodmare if you are just getting started in the miniatures.  Contact us to see what we will be selling this spring.