Raising Miniature Horses 30 inches and Under

Miniature Foaling

If you have a bred mare and know the date she was bred, expect the foaling time to be approximately 11 months and 11 days. But with minis, they will fool you. Have a clean stall available if it is near time or let them stay out in the pasture where it is a more clean environment. If you see your mare start to foal and pushing with nothing coming out, call a vet right away. If this is your first foaling experience, call a vet. They will have a foal when you least expect it and believe me staying awake night after night, they will lay down and have it while you are eating lunch. Make sure your mare is bred to a small stallion, from small parents, especially if your mare is very tiny. Foals with too big of heads can not come out. This can be a very heartbreaking experience for anyone. It is very hard for a mare to have a foal, so be patient.  Selective breeding is important. Getting a live foal every year from a mare is not always guaranteed. (minis are harder to foal than a regular size horse)