Raising Miniature Horses 30 inches and Under

Mini Facts

Miniature horses are not ponies.? They are the results of? years of selective breeding of downsizing the large sized horse.?? True miniature horses are no larger than 34″ at their withers or the last hair of their mane. Don’t be fooled by buying a young horse and think they will stay small.? Miniature horses make excellent pets.? You don’t need a large farm to own one. They eat very little compared to large sized horses.?? The newborn foals are so cute being only 16 to 22 inches at birth.? Children love to pet them and lead them around.? There are miniature horse shows where you can show your mini at halter or in a driving class.? Hooking a miniature up to a cart and riding down a road is so much fun.? They can pull quite a load being so small. For anyone who has always wanted to own a horse, buying a miniature is a good way to start out.? They will not intimidate you as a larger horse would.? You can learn to take care of one on a much smaller and cheaper basis.


This is a mini we had to raise on a bottle.? She became part of the family and followed us around everywhere we went.? This is when we first built our house and I was landscaping and she’d sleep while I was planting.? She’d keep up with me every few feet.