Raising Miniature Horses 30 inches and Under


Taking Care of Your Miniature Horse

Your horse needs to be not only fed properly, and have enough exercise by being turned out daily, but also, wormed regularly. You can do this yourself. Every 2 to 3 months, paste worm them in the mouth. Try to rotate your wormers each time. I use about 250lb mark for mine. (small foals are less of course) Put the paste wormer tube way in the back of the mouth. Do this on an empty stomach, not at feeding time. Wormer can be purchased at feed stores, vet offices, or ordered from Vet supply catalogs. They cost from $4 to $12 a tube. Also, your mini should have his hoofs trimmed about every 3 to 4 months, depending on how fast they grow.  As for vaccinations, if your horses are exposed to any other horses, I recommend vaccinating for several viruses, and other equine infections, along with a rabies shot. All minis should be given a tetanus shot, in case they get injured. Veterinarians can administer these, or you can get most of them through vet supply houses. If you don’t think you can do this correctly, by all means have a vet do it.  Minis should not be body clipped especially if winter is coming on. Their long coat protects them from the weather. During the hot summer, it won’t hurt them, but unless you have a thick winter blanket and warm stall, please do not body clip your horse. They are known for their long thick coats.

Miniature Horse Living Conditions

Minis don’t need a lot of space as a big horse does. If you have a large backyard and a small building or shed for shelter that should be sufficient. They like to be outdoors as much as possible. Please provide some sort of shelter for them with at least 3 sides to ward off the cold, wet weather. In the summer, they like to find some shade to get under also. If you have a barn to stall them, please turn them outside every day for exercise. You will also need to keep the manure picked up and some sort of bedding, such as shavings or straw, which should be changed at least weekly.