Raising Miniature Horses 30 inches and Under

Shady Oaks Miniature Horse Farm  specializes in very small, tiny miniature horses.

Since 1987, we have raised and sold minis all over the US.

Foals are Ready For Sale.

All of our horses are registered with AMHA.  We have been breeding smaller each year and now have a nice herd of small minis under 30″ tall.  Many of our horses are for sale and they range in color from buckskins, bays, blacks and paints.  Several generations of our horses can be seen on our farm.  That way you know what you are buying.


We have black and white Stallions for Sale!

Our AMHA Miniature Horses for Sale are priced according to size and color.  They are all AMHA registered and come from a long line of miniature horses, not ponies.  We want to reduce our herd, so everything is for sale at this time.  We have several mares for sale and stallions for sale so that everyone can afford to own a “true mini horse”, not a dwarf or pony.

If you are new to the miniature horse industry and would like to find out more about miniature horses, please visit our mini facts page to find our how to buy a miniature horse and what to look for when buying a miniature.   We have compiled some information on the Care of Miniature Horses. If you are wanting to learn about  caring for miniature horses please see our mini care page.

Looking for a Minature Horse?

We have several generations to choose from and lots of colors.  Being registered with the American Miniature Horse Registry, you can’t go wrong.

Now offering Shipping!   Complete packages available.  Let us set up door to door delivery right to your farm or home.

  We’ve got some of the smallest, colorful minis that you will find.