Raising Miniature Horses 30 inches and Under

2015 Stud Colt 1

Name2015 Colt 1
ColorBay with one blue eye.
Date of birth4/20/2015
PriceSOLD to St. Louis, MO
About This is an extremely tiny stallion. One of the smallest we
If you are looking for a very SMALL mini, then this is the one! He is measuring about 24". He'd be perfect for a breeding stallion or therapy horse because of his tiny size and nature. This is a super tiny stallion. One of the smallest we've ever had. In fact, he scoots under our fence every day to eat grass along the dirt road on our farm. He is curious and likes to be around people. Perfect confirmation. Has one blue eye! This tiny, tiny little guy would make an excellent stallion or a therapy pet.
SireLil Hoofbeats Bullets in the GunNostalgia's Whistle Blower 31.5Nostalgia's Double Jeopardy 31.75
RI Tuff Stuffs American Maid 29.75
Lil Hoofbeats Mighty Windchimes 29Prestiges Sirs Little Outlaw 28
Sweetwaters Southern Star 28
DamShady Oaks Annie Oakley 27.5Shady Oaks Little Oreo 29.25Dellwoods Brute 30
Cody's Reward 31.25
Shady Oaks Cowgirl 30.75Shady Oaks Stetson 32.25
Keziah's Sound of Music 32.75

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